Ipsissima Lux


Ipsissima Lux (photographs)

The photographs of Ipsissima Lux (2023) must be understood as glosses of my third ritual short film, Vt nox lvx (2021). I wanted to show in it…



Offertorium (comic script)

Offertorium is a rite of the Circle of Ur that I developed in 2019 and 2020. The images by Rosa María Rodríguez Magda reflect moments of that…



Trànsits (self-portraits)

Trànsits [Tránsitos] emerged on a car trip between Salamanca and the city of Valencia. The driver who was taking us back to the Mediterranean had to make…

El naixement de la platja


El naixement de la platja (land art)

El naixement de la platja [El nacimiento de la playa] is the “catalog” of a small installation carried out on a beach near Valencia in March 2002….

Archangel's Appeal


Archangel’s Appeal (experimental poetry)

Archangel’s Appeal was published by John M. Bennet in Columbus, Ohio. And I don’t know to what extent it’s a book of mine. The printer of my…