Vt nox lvx

Vt nox lvx

The third and final part of the Circle of Ur Trilogy, composed of Círculo de Ur (2017), Hoc est corpus meum (2019), and this final title. The six fragments that make up Vt nox lvx are like footnotes to aspects of the film Círculo de Ur that required an explanation in the same language in which I made that one. If some were cryptic, perhaps they remain so. I tried to maintain the three S’s (breath, sex, and blood [souffle, sexe, and sang, in the French language) perhaps more explicitly sexual as a consciousness of transgression or rage. In Vt nox lvx, a girl, who is at the same time an altar, offeror, priestess, and deified being, is placed at the center of reflection, as the true and pristine origin of the world and desire…

Vt nox lvx (2021)


Title: Vt nox lvx
Director: Josep Carles Laínez
Script: Josep Carles Laínez
Production: GH Records - Gudua Deisdea
Executive Production: Avencio Delgado
Duration: 12'40''
Year: 2021
Language: Spanish
Director of Photography: José Luis Martínez
Camera: José Luis Martínez
Camera Assistant: Sergi Cabezas
Sound: José Moral
Editing: Tomás Muñoz

Laura Salido, The Woman
José Moral, Man 1
Christian Quesada, Man 2
Josep Carles Laínez, Man 3 and male voice off-screen