Círculo de Ur

Círculo de Ur

Círculo de Ur is the fragment of a rite from the collective of that name, which I co-founded in 2015. I wrote it taking as a reference point the liturgy that we have inherited, through Christianity, from the ancient mystery cults. The penchant for a Gothic setting is deliberately sought.

Círculo de Ur (2017)


Title: Círculo de Ur
Director: Josep Carles Laínez
Script: Josep Carles Laínez
Production: GH Records - Gudua Deisdea
Executive Production: Avencio Delgado
Duration: 11'
Year: 2017
Language: Spanish
Camera: José Luis Martínez
Director of Photography: José Luis Martínez
Music: The Wyrm
Editing: José Moral

Neus Miquel, The Offeror
Josep Carles Laínez, The Priest
Albae Mostazowska, The Deaconess
Antonio Ruiz Vega, Officiant 1
Avencio Delgado, Officiant 2